Publicerad den 22 Jul 2021
Kristina Yalanskaya, Rotarian from Minsk, Belarus, visited us today for a nice walk&talk along the Skelderviken coastline and Skåneleden. 
We are very happy to get to know Kristina and Fredrik today. What a wonderful morning we had. Kjell, Madeleine, Gunnar and Ann showed up from Rotary Club of Ängelholm-Bjäre at Skelderviken Marina this morning in the middle of the Swedish summer vacation. Kristina was presented with the famous local Clay Cuckoo (Lergök) and Madeleine told us the story about the Clay Cuckoo. Our Club was honoured with a beautiful Club of minsk banner. We will send Kristina our banner when we are back in regular meetings. 
Kristina Yalanskaya are the Assistant of Governor D-2232 Belarus & Ukraine 2021/22 The Past-President of Rotary Club "Minsk" 2019/20.